Bursary and summer jobs

The IXA research group is searching for students to collaborate in projects during end-of-degree projects and bursaries. We are looking for first or second cycle students of computer science in the UPV/EHU.

Length: starting from March
Duties: To carry out tasks related to language technologies: deep learning, big data, development (servers, GPU, clusters...)
Dedication: collaborations and bursaries of either 250 hours (1562,5 € + social security) or 400 hours (2500 € + social security).

The bursary holder will be assigned a tutor for the duty.
Please send your CV and grades to ixa.administratzailea@ehu.eus Nevertheless, if you wish to collaborate with us or if you would like to get further information, please contact ixa.administratzailea@ehu.eus