enetCollect: Hizkuntzen Ikasketa eta Crowdsourcing konbinatzeko sare europear berria

enetCollect is a large European COST action network set up with the aim of promoting a research trend combining the well-established domain of Language Learning with recent and successful crowdsourcing approaches. More specifically, the challenge of enetCollect is to foster the language skills of all citizens regardless of their backgrounds by enhancing the production of language learning material using Crowdsourcing techniques. In order to do so, the action will create a balanced interdisciplinary community of active stakeholders related to content creation, content usage, and Learning/Content Management Systems to create a theoretical framework for achieving a shared understanding of Language Learning and Crowdsourcing. This will allow to unlock the crowdsourcing potential available for language learning and to facilitate the development of prototypical experiments for the production of language learning material, such as lesson or exercise content. These activities would potentially benefit a wide range of users and languages.

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enetCollect: Una nueva red europea para el aprendizaje de idiomas y el crowdsourcing
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enetCollect: A New European Network for combining Language Learning with Crowdsourcing Techniques
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Lionel Nicolas (EURAC Research - Bolzano)
European Comission - Cost Action
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Rodrigo Agerri
Montserrat Maritxalar
Europako 36 herrialde